How to Juggle and Other Cheap Tricks  
See how learning to juggle will make you rich, famous, emotionally secure and well respected. That's not enough? Build brain mass, get better looking and reach enlightenment!
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Marty Pollio

How to Juggle and Other Cheap Tricks! is an instructional video that not only teaches you how to get started with 3-ball juggling, but how to perform cheesy, yet nifty little tricks with everyday household objects.

Learn how to improve your peanut butter and jelly sandwich, balance a fork and a spoon on a toothpick, and suck a rubber band up your nose.

Your instructor is Marty Pollio (aka Marty Polio, for those who guess at the spelling), an accomplished comedian and variety performer who has appeared as a juggler on multiple NBC Tonight Shows, including one of their special New Year's Eve shows, and has also juggled in the movie Punchline, with Tom Hanks. Marty has performed on major television shows in London and Paris, and has been an actor in various network sitcoms.

He will take you through the steps of learning to juggle as he breaks down the process into simple steps. Marty will also troubleshoot your technique by explaining how to cure common problems that beginners usually run into.

Visit Marty's corporate comedian site.

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